Pricing subject to change without notice

Eggs and Such

Breakfast Burrito

our refried bean, 2 scrambled eggs and cheese. Topped with sour cream, salsa and guac. Served with 1 slice of toast. $13.50

Bacon and Cheese Scramble

2 eggs, back bacon and cheese mix. Served with 2 slices of toast. $13.50

Smoked Salmon Omelet

2 eggs with dill, cream cheese and served with 2 slices of toast. $13.50

Breakfast Biscuit

1 egg, cheese, back bacon and tomato on our cheese and salsa biscuit. $11.75

Pancake Wrap

2 thin pancakes wrapped around cream cheese and our sweet berry sauce. Topped with whipped cream. $11.75

Soups and Salads

Soup and bread

Large $7.50 or small $4.50

Soup, Salad and Bread Combo.
Large $12.50 or small $9.50

Garden Salad
Large $8.50 or small $7.50

Caesar Salad
Large $8.50 or small $7.50

Smaller Appetites

Grilled Cheese


Cheese Quesadilla
Just cheese, no funny stuff! $12 Add chicken $2

Pita Triangles
With our roasted red pepper hummus. $4.25

Half $8.95 or full $11.95

Sandwiches and Such

Served with soup or chips and house made salsa or upgrade to salad.

Veggie Wrap
Our roasted red pepper hummus, fresh spinach, tomatoes, cuc’s, red onion and shoots. $16.50

Chicken Cranberry Sandwich
Our cranberry chutney, sliced chicken breast and fresh veggies. $16.50

Grilled Cheddar, Chicken, Guac
Locals favorite sandwich for over 20 years! $16.50

Felafel Pita
Our own recipe, yogurt dill sauce, lime mayo and fresh veggies. $16.50

Thai Chicken Wrap
Our spicy peanut sauce, sliced chicken breast and fresh veggies. $16.50

Veggie Burger
Our own sweet potato black bean patty with cheddar, guac and salsa. $16.50

Tuna Sandwich
Our Mediterranean tuna salad with fresh spinach and tomato. $16.50

Smoked Salmon Wrap
Dill cream cheese, cuc’s, red onions and capers. $16.50

Chicken Enchilada
Our spicy enchilada sauce, sliced chicken breast and cheese. Topped with salsa, sour cream and guac. $17.50

Club Sandwich
Chipotle mayo, sliced chicken breast, back bacon, cheddar, lettuce and tomato. $16.50

Grilled Cheddar and Tomato Sandwich
Our own tomato chutney and cheddar. $16.50

Tuna Melt
A grilled sandwich with our Mediterranean tuna salad and mozza. $16.50